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Nina Hidayat, of MSN Malaysia, covered the book launch here:

54 years have passed since this country declared its independence. Malaysia’s most tumultous struggles may be in the past, but the struggle to harness and channel the nation’s potential, especially among its youth, is an ever-present one.

In this spirit of self-improvement, 101 young Malaysians were united by a call to reveal and describe defining moments in their lives after SPM. As young Malaysians, we all worry about not getting scholarships or being accepted into our desired universities. Many wonder and agonize over which course suits them best.

Then comes ‘What’s After SPM?’ – a community project book by the’ Project What’s After SPM’ (PWAS) team and published by Leaderonomics. As opposed to telling students what to do after finishing school, the book aims to inspire by highlighting the perseverance and determination possessed by young Malaysians taking divergent paths after SPM.


You can listen to the podcast of the radio interview between Meera of BFM, The Business Station, and Charis Loke, Roshan Thiran, and Lisanne Yeoh here.


John Lee of Education In Malaysia blogs about the book here.

When I first got the book, I left it on my bedside table when I turned in for the night; my father picked it up, and the next day itself, he bought a few copies for my siblings and cousin. That tells you something about how important this book is, and what kind of niche it fills.